Biology Curriculum: The First Two Years

Note that ALL students must be enrolled in BOTH General Biology (with laboratory) and chemistry (with laboratory) BOTH SEMESTERS of the first year in order to graduate in four years.


Year One


All Biology Majors Regardless of Degree Track

B.A. Bio, B.A. Bio (Sec Ed), B.S. Bio (Wildlife)

  • CHEM 111 Introductory Chemistry - 5 credits (Spring)

B.S.Biology (Cellular & Molecular), B.S. Bio (Organismal)

  • CHEM 131/132 General Chemistry - 5+5 credits


Year Two - The Intermediate Block


B.A. Bio, B.A. Bio (Sec Ed), B.S. Bio (Wildlife)

  • CHEM 112 Intro to Organic & Biological Chemistry - 5 credits (Fall)

B.S. Bio (Cellular and Molecular), B.S. Bio (Organismal)

  • CHEM 321/322 Organic Chemistry - 5+5 credits