B.S. Chemistry Degrees

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Physics

We offer multiple bachelor of science degree options in Chemistry. The different degree options are distinguished by their emphases in different areas of science beyond chemistry. 

Please Note:

To ensure timely graduation, students will need to meet regularly with an advisor as some required courses are offered on a rotating two-year basis.

 Official Degree Plans:

The B.S. in Chemical Physics is an interdisciplinary degree with significant coursework in both chemistry and physics. Students pursuing this degree will be prepared for graduate work in a cross-disciplinary physical science program as well as various jobs in industry.

Courses offered every other year:

  • CHEM 461: Inorganic Chemistry (offered fall of odd years)
  • CHEM 462: Inorganic Chemistry (offered spring of even years)
  • PHYS 300: Electronics and Electrical Measurement (offered fall of even years)
  • PHYS 302: Mechanics (offered spring of odd years)
  • PHYS 304: Electricity and Magnetism (offered fall of odd years)
  • PHYS 306: Modern Physics (offered spring of even years)

All these courses have General Physics (230/231 & 232/233) as a pre-requisite.

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