B.S. Mathematical Sciences - Computer Science emphasis

We offer a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences with a Computer Science emphasis.  Students pursuing this degree will be prepared for graduate work in computer science or work in industry.

To ensure timely graduation, students will need to meet regularly with an advisor as some required courses are offered on a rotating two-year basis.

Courses offered on a rotating basis

  • CSCI 215: Networking and Security
  • CSCI 216: Networking and Security Laboratory
  • CSCI 245: Web Programming and Security
  • CSCI 250: Human Computer Interaction
  • CSCI 301: Software Development and Professional Practice I
  • CSCI 302: Software Development and Professional Practice II
  • CSCI 308: Architecture and Operating Systems
  • CSCI 320: Advanced Internet
  • CSCI 325: Algorithm Design & Analysis
  • CSCI 330: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • CSCI 345: Net-centric Computing
  • CSCI 360: Database Management Systems
  • CSCI 410: Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  • CSCI 445: Distributed Computing