Earth Science Degree Programs / Plans

    Our Department is small, but intense, and we offer a high level of faculty-student interaction in the following degree programs:

    Bachelor of Science:

    • BS in Earth Science (Geology Emphasis)
    • BS in Earth Science (Physical Geography Emphasis)

    Bachelor of Arts:

    • BA in Earth Sciences (Geology Emphasis)
    • BA in Earth Sciences (Physical Geography Emphasis)
    • BA in Earth Sciences (Science Education) with Secondary Teacher Licensure

    Associate of Science:

    • AS with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Emphasis


    • Environmental Science
    • Geography
    • Geology

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      A geology degree provides a solid undergraduate foundation in the geological sciences, spanning a traditional geology curriculum, including:

          •    physical and historical geology
          •    mineralogy
          •    sedimentology
          •    stratigraphy
          •    paleontology
          •    optical crystallography
          •    igneous/metamorphic petrology
          •    sedimentary petrology
          •    structure
          •    field methods

      Options are also available in geomorphology and hydrogeology. The curriculum features a strong emphasis in applied field methods and problems, due to ASU's excellent location for these areas.

      Physical Geography:

      Are you interested in learning about mountains, landscapes, environments and cultures around the world?

      Do you want to learn how to use state-of-the-art computer mapping programs such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS)?

      Do you want to study Earth processes and gain a better understanding of current issues such as climate change?

      If so, physical geography is for you.

      Adams State's BA in Physical Geography will give you a strong background in the Earth Sciences and prepare you for a broad range of careers in geography.

      Some of the courses in the curriculum include:

          •    Introduction to Physical Geography
          •    Cartography and GIS
          •    Natural Resource Management
          •    World Geography
          •    Remote Sensing
          •    Biogeography
          •    Geomorphology
          •    Soils
          •    Glacial Geography
          •    Mountain Geography

      Older Degree Plans: