ASU English Placement Policy

Students entering Adams State University with an ACT English score less than 19 (less than 431 SAT verbal score) are required by the State of Colorado to take the ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills exam prior to their first day of classes. Students with an ACT reading score of less than 18 must take the ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension exam. Students who do not score at the appropriate level on these examinations must successfully complete ENG 090 and READ 090 within their first 30 hours at ASU.

Scores for English Course Placement

ACT Scores English and Reading

SAT Critical Reading Score

ACCUPLACER Scores Sentence Skills and Reading Comprehension

Course Placement
English <19 (ACCUPLACER required) <431

Sent. Skills <95

ENG 090
Reading <18 (ACCUPLACER required) <431
Reading Comp. <80

READ 090

(If Sent.Skills score meets ENG 101 reqs, enroll in both READ 090 & ENG 101.)

English 19-28 and Reading >17

Sent. Skills >94 and Reading Comp. >79

ENG 101
English >28
Currently no placement with ACCUPLACER

ENG 102

(ENG 101 appears on transcript post census)

(< means "less than", and > means "higher than")


The ACCUPLACER is administered by the Grizzly Testing and Learning Center. No appointment is necessary.

The ACCUPLACER Web Site has test descriptions, tips, sample questions and phone apps with practice tests. If you are required to take any ACCUPLACER exams, we encourage you to prepare and study.