ASU Mathematics Placement Policy

In Fall 2016, Adams State will begin placing students into mathematics courses using ALEKS PPL (Placement, Preparation, and Learning). Students entering Adams State University with an ACT Mathematics score of less than 26 are required to take the Adams State ALEKS Mathematics Placement prior to enrolling in a mathematics course. The placement mechanism allows each student up to five assessments. Students have the option of working with ALEKS in learning mode between assessments to attempt to improve their placement. The assessment is available via this link. Even though the first assessment will not be proctored, students may NOT use any study aids, calculators (one is provided within the program), or assistance from other individuals. The second, third, fourth, and fifth assessments (if necessary) must be proctored. Students should contact the Grizzly Testing and Learning Center to make arrangements to take these assessments.

Placement based on ALEKS is described in the table below.

ALEKS Score Course(s)
76-100 MATH 120
61-75 MATH 107
46-60 MATH 106
30-45 MATH 099, MATH 104, or MATH 150
14-29 MATH 097
0-13 MATH 095

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