Frequently Asked Questions - Undergraduate

  1. How will my credits from another institution transfer?

    Adams State University has articulation agreements with many of the four-year institutions in the state for general education transfer courses.
    Teacher Education may require additional coursework for completion of approved programs upon evaluation of the transcript from another institution.

  2. How do I apply to the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program?

    The admission process takes an entire semester and includes three phases:
    -an application,
    -writing assessment,
    -and interview.
    Successful completion of all three phases allows the student access to register for upper level education courses beginning the following semester.
    See Admission Requirements

  3. Who is my advisor?

    Teacher Education students pursuing the Interdisciplinary Studies Degree with Elementary License have an advisor in Teacher Education.
    Students pursuing secondary or K-12 licensure have an advisor in Teacher Education and an advisor in the specific content area.

  4. When should I attempt the PLACE/Praxis II exam?

    Students must pass the PLACE or Praxis II content area exam before student teaching semester; passing scores must be received by teacher education no later than the 7th week of the fall or spring semester prior to student teaching or you will not be placed for student teaching.

    A schedule of test dates and information can be found on the following web pages:
    Praxis II:

  5. Where can I student teach?

    Students are placed within the San Luis Valley. Requests for exception are reviewed by the Department of Teacher Education Student Teaching Supervision Team.

  6. How do I get licensed? How do I renew my license?

    Students completing a program in Education are eligible for initial licensure through the Colorado Department of Education. The Initial License is valid for three years and is renewable one time.

    Candidates must complete an approved Induction Program during the first year of teaching to allow them to apply for a Professional License through CDE. The Professional License is valid for five years and is renewable.

    Applications for Initial and Professional License and renewal forms can be obtained by visiting the CDE website at