Books & Textbooks on CD

Students with documented disabilities that affect their ability to read print may be eligible for textbooks and other class materials on CD. Disabilities that may affect the ability to read print include, but are not limited to, learning, visual, and physical disabilities.

Students should follow the steps below to order textbooks and other class materials on CD.

  • Register with Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic:

    Students can borrow recorded textbooks from Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D). RFB&D is a national nonprofit organization serving people with documented visual, perceptual, or other physical disabilities. Applications to register for RFB&D services can be obtained from Student Support Services (SSS) or RFB&D. The application must be certified by a qualified professional in the field of disability services, education, medicine, or psychology. Students can obtain taped textbooks by setting up an individual account and ordering books independently. The cost for setting up an individual account includes a one-time registration fee of $50.00 and an annual $25.00 membership fee. The student's social security number will serve as the RFB&D identification number.

    Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic
    20 Roszel Road
    Princeton, NJ 08540
    Customer Service Phone: (800) 221-4792
    Customer Service FAX: (609) 987-8116

  • Register with a state library that provides books on tape:

    Non-textbooks (fiction, magazines, etc.) can be borrowed from the Colorado Talking Book Library or a library in the students home state that works in cooperation with the Library of Congress to provide recorded materials for people with visual, physical, and reading disabilities. There is no application fee for the Colorado Talking Book Library, and materials are provided at no cost. Applications must be certified by an appropriate professional. The Colorado Talking Book Library will provide students with a patron number.

    Colorado Talking Book Library
    180 Sheridan Boulevard
    Denver, CO 80226-8097
    Toll-free Phone: (800) 685-2136
    Phone: (303) 727-9277

  • Obtain a RFB&D VIBE player:

    Books on CD supplied by RFB&D or a state library require a specially adapted CD player. The VIBE CD player can be purchased from RFB&D, or an adapted Walkman can be purchased through a mail-order catalog.

  • Order the recorded textbooks:

    After meeting with an academic advisor and selecting classes for the upcoming semester(s), the student should contact the College Bookstore (587-7912) for a list of the books that will be used in selected classes. If the books for a class are not listed at the bookstore, the student should contact the department that is offering the course for information regarding textbooks.

    The College Bookstore is also set up to assist students in ordering books on tape, through the student's RFD&D individual account; or, the student may order textbooks him/herself, directly from RFD&D or a state library that provides books on CD (e.g., the Colorado Talking Book Library). Students can check on the availability of taped textbooks from RFB&D through the RFB&D online catalog at

    If a book is needed that is not already in RFB&D's library, the student can request that RFB&D record the book. RFB&D records books that are within the educational scope of their library and if they have the appropriate readers and studio time available. There is no charge for the recording service. Two copies of the book must be sent to RFB&D; both copies will be returned when the recording is completed. The student should contact the publisher of the book to request that complimentary copies of the book be sent to RFB&D. If the publisher is not willing to provide copies of the book, Adams State will provide one copy of the textbook.

  • Make alternative arrangements for recorded materials, if necessary:

    In certain circumstances, Adams State may be able to provide recorded materials, such as special readings, class handouts, and books that are not available from RFB&D or the Talking Book Library. Requests to have materials read onto CD must be made at least eight weeks in advance of the date that the student will need the recorded material or as soon as the instructor announces that the material will be required. If a student needs to have recorded materials provided by Adams State, the student should contact the Affirmative Action Officer in a timely fashion.
    Please note: Most students will need to obtain print copies of their textbooks to use along with the taped versions.