Registration Assistance

Through registration assistance, Adams State University can help students to register for their classes early in the registration period. Registration assistance is available to students with disabilities on a case-by-case basis when there is a disability-related need. All registration assistance requests are reviewed and approved by the Affirmative Action Officer. Eligibility for registration assistance will be reevaluated each semester; prior approval does not constitute automatic entitlement for on-going registration assistance.

Please follow the steps below to obtain registration assistance.

  • The student must sign a release that allows the Affirmative Action Officer to give the student's name and social security number to the Records Office so registration assistance can be provided to the student.
  • The student should make an appointment with his/her academic advisor as early as possible during the advising/registration period to plan a class schedule.
  • After meeting with an advisor the student may register for classes at the One Stop.

Please note:

  • The student may consult with the Grizzly Testing & Learning Center, Student Support Services, or the Affirmative Action Officer regarding academic advising and course registration, but it is still necessary for the student to meet with his/her academic advisor.
  • After finalizing a class schedule with an advisor, the student should meet with the Affirmative Action Officer if the student needs assistance in arranging accommodations for the upcoming semester(s), and to arrange for letters of Academic Accommodation to be prepared for each of the students' professors.