Benefits - Flex Benefit Plans

Medical Reimbursement Plan and Child Care Reimbursement Plan

With the voluntary CHEIBA Flexible Benefit Pans, you have the opportunity to pay some of your insurance premiums and other family expenses with pre-tax dollars. This plan allows you to choose how you want your benefit dollars spent. The amount you contribute to your retirement as well as state and federal withholding taxes will be reduced. This program can save you 25% or more in payroll taxes. For more information contact the Human Resources Office at 587-7990.

Savings Example: Click Here

This employee is married, has one child and claims 3 exemptions

Over the Counter Medication Reimbursement

Changes to the eligible reimbursements for a variety of over-the counter medications through your CHEIBA Flexible spending plan will take effect 1/1/11. The Plan will not reimburse for any taxes or shipping charges on over-the-counter medicines and drugs.