Great Expression/Gran Expresión

11th Annual Adams State University Autumn@Adams

September 8th through September 13th, 2014

The 2014 theme, Great Expressions/Gran Expresión promises to hold many events focusing on self-expression in physical activities, visual art, poetry, music, theatre, dance, and other forms of creating self. The Autumn@Adams Committee is currently planning and organizing events for the 2014 Autumn@Adams Week.  This Website will be updated as events are scheduled.

For many years, Adams State has organized events revolving around a select theme and choosing a week in September to host these educational and entertaining events.

Themes from past years include:

  • 2013 Health, Fitness, and Beyond
  • 2012 The American Dream: Yours, Mine, and Ours;
  • 2011 Honor Your Story-Discover Your Possibilities;
  • 2010 Everyone Has a Story to Tell;
  • 2009 Transformations Begin Here;
  • 2008 Our Earth-Our Valley;
  • 2007 Understanding Peace;
  • 2006 Roots Remembered.

The first two years, 2005 and 2004, themes were not developed for Autumn@Adams.

In the past, the campus has brought in nationally-known speakers, authors and entertainers, such as: Thomas Linzey, James Bilagody, Laura Pritchett, Sean Carroll, Denise Chavez, Demetria Martinez, and Grammy Award winning pianist Daryl Davis. Local and regional talent is also tapped to round-out the events.

Beginning in 2008, Autumn@Adams Week includes the popular Cook-Off.

7th Annual Cook-Off - Saturday, September 13

Adams State Campus Map

Three-time red chile champion Esther Lopez hands out chile.

Esther Lopez serves up her red chile.

President Svaldi and HPPE students cut the ribbon for the east campus  grand opening

The East Campus Grand Opening was held last year during Autumn@Adams.

Dr. Tracy Doyle and Dr. Leslie Cramblet-Alvarez

Autumn@Adams 2013 Last Lecture featured Dr. Tracy Doyle and Dr. Leslie Cramblet-Alvarez. The 2014 Last Lecture will feature Dr. David Svaldi, Adams State President.