College-level Courses for High School Students


Qualified students can earn a college degree faster with reduced tuition rates and a scholarship payback.

  • Reduce the cost to complete a degree.
  • Dual Credit courses
  • Experience a college-level challenge.
  • Prepare for college and gain a head start.
  • Earn a $1000 scholarship at Adams State after completing 15 or more credits as a high school student!

Take your courses online:

  • Online college and developmental courses
  • Courses accessed anywhere
  • High school students grades 9-12
  • Guaranteed credit transfer
  • School districts may pay tuition
  • Cost: $121 per credit hour
  • Online college and developmental education courses
  • High school students grades 11 & 12 
  • School district may pay or reimburse tuition 
  • Multiple course formats: 
  • Cost: $200 per credit hour for online open enrollment format 
  • Cost: $354.80 per credit hour for online semester based format

Courses at your High School campus:

  • Courses taught in the high school classroom by high school faculty
  • Available at select schools in the San Luis Valley and nearby
  • School districts may pay tuition
  • Cost: $75 per credit hour

Take courses on the Adams State campus:

  • General education on-campus courses
  • San Luis Valley high school students grades 9-12
  • School districts may pay tuition
  • Cost: TBA