Classified Employee Scholarship General Information

ASU Classified Employees have established a scholarship specifically for classified employees and their families in order to provide financial assistance to those applicants who meet the established requirements.

Scholarship Requirements

1. Deadline for CEC Scholarship Application packets are as follows:

       Fall term - June 1st
       Spring term - October 1st
       Summer term - March 1st

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

2. Applicant must be a current or retired ASU certified* classified employee, or a son, daughter, or spouse of a current or retired ASU certified classified employee.

3. If the applicant is a current ASU certified classified employee, he or she must be employed at least .50 FTE (50% of full-time) at the time of application.

4. If the applicant is a son, daughter or spouse of an ASU certified classified employee, he or she must be a degree-seeking student at Adams State University. ASU current or retired certified classified employees need not be degree seeking.

5. Applicant must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better.

6. Applicant must submit a recent, unofficial copy of transcripts.

7. Applicant must complete the application form and must submit a letter of application explaining his or her background, educational goals, evidence of school, community and/or family involvement, and a statement explaining why he or she deserves this scholarship along with all other packet requirements to Adams State University, Classified Employees Council, Suite 2150, 208 Edgemont Blvd., Alamosa, CO 81101. All application packets must be received using this address by the deadline date listed above.

8. Recipients must meet the load requirement and will receive the award as follows, based on available funds and meeting all criteria:

a. Son or daughter, 12 credit hours per term, $600

b. Spouse (non-ASU employee), 6 credit hours per term, $400

c. ASU Classified Employee, 3 credit hours per term, $200

9. Recipient must help with two classified employee scholarship fundraisers, one per term.

10. Non-compliance with the above requirements will result in revocation of scholarship funds.

11. Renewal of the scholarship is not automatic. Recipients must re-apply each academic term.

12. Should scholarship recipient elect to decline the awarded scholarship, recipient must make a written notification to the CEC Scholarship Committee Chairperson within 30 days of award notification.

*Certified is defined as an employee who has completed a minimum of one year of continuous employment at ASU.

Mission of the Scholarship Committee

The Classified Employees Scholarship Committee shall be charged with reviewing scholarship applications and making recipient selections based on the criteria set forth during the CE General Meeting and voted upon by the ASU Classified Employees.

Committee Procedures

1. The Classified Employees Council (CEC) members will code (See CEC Constitution Bylaws Glossary, page 9) all scholarship applications and present them to the Scholarship Committee.

2. The Scholarship Committee will present its selections to the Classified Employees Council.

3. Names of all recipients will be released to the Scholarship Committee.

4. The Scholarship Committee Chairperson and Council President will send a letter and email notification to all scholarship applicants.