Faculty Technology Advisory Committee (FTAC) 2013/2014 Activities and Recommendations

Priority Lists

The following represents the work of FTAC to create a list of faculty technology priorities. Prioritization was based on a majority vote after the list of items was created via consensus on the committee.

Computing Services has done a great job keeping up with campus bandwidth, improving wireless connectivity, and upgrading both classroom technology and faculty computers these items have been removed from the FTAC priority list.

Other Activities during the 2012/2013 School Year

FTAC Technology Grant

In addition to completing the priority lists FTAC completed a Technology Grant for tenure or tenure track faculty. FTAC will award $5K each year, THANK YOU Computing services!

Information concerning the grant and process can be found at: https://www.adams.edu/committees/ftac/ftacgrant.php

 TurnItIn Software

All departments support TurnItIn and want to continue to have access to this resource.

 SPSS Software

Lab fees are now associated with classes requiring SPSS by HPPE and Psychology. Any course needing to use SPSS should talk to these departments concerning creating a lab fee for the course.

New FTAC Website!

If you see anything that should be added to the website please send your feedback to your FTAC representative.