Attribute Based Message Policy (Revised/Approved 3/13/03)


An Attribute Based Message is an announcement or email message targeted to a specific population of the college community. The purpose of this policy is to clarify the proper use of Attribute Based Messages (ABMs) at Adams State University, and to define the methods used for sending them.


One of the objectives of the Title V Grant was to improve and streamline automated communication systems and provide greater and more efficient access to ASU information. To this end, two separate projects have been initiated.

  1. The Portal.Adams.Edu project, with its centralized "portal" concept, was developed as one tool to help meet these objectives. The ABM capability offered by Portal.Adams.Edu provides a means to notify the entire campus or selected segments of the campus, currently defined as students, faculty, all staff, or everyone, with ASU related information. ABMs can be delivered via a posting to the Portal.Adams.Edu "Announcements" page.
  2. An administrative email project is under development that will enable select offices and individuals to email targeted segments of the campus community. These segments include groupings created from within our Banner administrative software.

The intent of this policy is to provide guidelines for issuing ABMs.


  1. Attribute Based Messages must be limited to items of specific campus interest.
  2. All ABM's must contain the name of the issuing organization and a "reply to" phone number or email address for recipient follow-on questions.
  3. ABM e-mails will be limited to messages that convey time sensitive information of a health & safety nature or that relate to on-going campus operations and personnel issues. Examples might include policy changes, campus shutdown for inclement weather, discovery of a gas leak, power or computer outages, etc. The following offices and individuals will have access to this system.
    1. Office of the President
    2. Vice Presidents/Provosts
    3. Deans and Department Heads
    4. Human Resources
    5. Extended Studies
    6. Computing Services
    7. Enrollment Management
    8. Faculty Senate President
    9. Classified Employee Council
    10. Public Safety
  4. All other campus interest items, such as scheduled events or programs, computer sales, etc. will only be posted on the "Announcements" page of Portal.Adams.Edu. E-mail ABMs will not be sent for these items.
  5. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the ASU President or appropriate Vice President.
  6. Any suggested changes to this policy may be directed to the Information Technology Planning Committee for review and approval.

Implementation Procedure:

  1. Computing Services will be responsible for the training and maintenance required to successfully implement the administrative email product.