Doors to the Future

We would like to think everyone for their contributions! Bidding on this exhibit is now closed, with nearly every door successfully auctioned off.

1. "3 Roads Merge"

by Mary Hoffman

"3 Roads Merge" was completed by the ASC Community Partnerships’ Executive Director, Mary Hoffman.

The artist divided this door into three parts with each one representing the future of one member of Community Partnerships’ staff.

ASC Community Partnerships Gallery will be the only one benefiting from this bid.

The mission of ASC Community Partnerships is to improve the interactions between the college and community.

2. "Voices of Valley Youth"

by the Boy's and Girl's Club of the SLV

"Voices of Valley Youth" was completed by the Boys and Girls Club of the San Luis Valley.

The Boys and Girls Club offers enriching activities for children of all ages. They also encourage them to stay in school and teach them how to succeed in life.

They had a total of 45 children ages 6-15 years old working on this project together. This project allowed the kids to have the chance to combine their thoughts and work well as a group together.

Bidding on this door will benefit the Boys and Girls Club in Alamosa.

3. "Ethereal Rising"

by Tuvasana Soma-Hank and Lauren Clark

"Ethereal Rising" was completed by Tuvasana Soma-Hank and Lauren Clark.

This project has representation of elements, geometries, and color to serve as a root and anchor to the ethereal rising of a world in the heavenly energies of which we are ascending.

Gate 13 church will benefit from this bidding. Gate 13 is a Tax Exempt Church preserving the teachings and wisdoms of indigenous and ancient cultures.

They utilize their teachings to find ways of living sustainably, holistically, and in alignment with spiritual values creating a positive influence in the modern world.

4. "Creating Superheroes"

by PALS, a Children's Program of La Puente

"Creating Superheroes" was completed by PALS, a children’s program of La Puente.

This program works towards the development of the whole child, enriching them in ways that are holistic as well as specific to each child’s interests and strengths.

This project really helped the kids in the program work together and come up with a unique design for their door.

The PALS art program will be benefiting from the bid.

5. "Is There Time"

by Bev and Penny

"Is There Time" was completed by Bev and Penny.

The bid for this door will be benefitting Hospice Del Valle. T

his project was a great way to have some mother and daughter time together.

The two artists talked, laughed, and painted together, getting a bonding opportunity out of the experience.

6. "Fertilizer of the Future"

by Jenna Meyer

"Fertilizer of the Future" was created by Jenna Meyer.

This work is to show that recycling is needed in our world.

This door shows all the waste we have in our world and the little bud is a symbol of hope for our dirty and wasteful world.

The auction of this door will benefit Ventero Open Press.

7. "The Power of One"

by Jennifer Kinyon and Aleesa Riley

"The Power of One" was completed by Jennifer Kinyon and Aleesha Riley.

This door represents world peace.

The two artists stated “I am the power of one. One to act, to speak out, to be the change.”

On this door the locks were broken so that nothing can keep the door closed.

There is also a face for the 198 countries in this world.

The artists also put a night sky on the door to show that no matter where you make your wish, we all use the same stars.

The ASC Community Partnerships Gallery will benefit from this bid.

8. "Together We Can Open the Door to the Future"

by the Colorado State Veterans' Center

"Together We Can Open the Door to the Future" was created by the Colorado State Veterans Center, specifically, Homelake.

This project helped join the staff and residents in Colorado State Veterans Center by allowing them to brain storm and come up with a great design for this door.

This door represents the beliefs, values, and morals of our community.

The bid will be benefiting the Colorado State Veterans Center.

ASC Community Partnerships asks that the winning bidder on this door makes the door available for their Veterans’ Dedication exhibit in November of 2010.

9. "Untitled 1"

by New Beginnings

"Untitled 1" was created by the New Beginnings Clubhouse.

This clubhouse tries to provide a positive and rewarding educational experience to the mental health as well as foster an environment of mutual respect and acceptance.

They enjoyed working together and expressing their stories.

The New Beginnings Clubhouse will benefit from this bid.

10. "Doorway to the Future"

by Blue Peaks Staff and Clients

"Doorway to the Future" was created by the Blue Peaks Staff and Clients.

Blue Peaks Day Services is an organization that supports people with developmental disabilities.

They split the door so that on one side is the department of Basic Skills and the other side is made by the Community Accessibility and the Shelter Work departments.

Blue Peaks Day Services will be benefiting from this bid.

11. "Our Lady in Art"

by Sandy Ortega and Legion of Mary

"Our Lady in Art" was created by Sandy Ortega and Legion of Mary.

The design of this door represents their beliefs in Blessed Mother Mary.

All objects on the door were brought from the artists’ homes. The SLV Rosary Makers will benefit from this bid.