Community for Inclusive Excellence, Leadership & Opportunity

Mission:  We will support the university in its transformation into an institution of Inclusive Excellence, in support of its mission and vision, in particular "to become the institution of choice for underrepresented students and all who value quality education and inclusivity".

Vision: The campus is physically colorful, alive with culturally diverse arts and design and open access buildings that welcome students, faculty, staff, their families and the surrounding community, and create a safe place for progressive, radical conversations promoting equity, cultural responsiveness, diversity, and community engagement—in short, Inclusive Excellence.

Goals and Action Plan:

  • Provide opportunities to develop ourselves as "equity-minded practitioners who are willing to engage in the necessary, and sometimes difficult, conversations and decision making that can lead to transformational change for student learning and achievement."
  • Promote and celebrate the history and culture of the SLV and the upper Rio Grande region and build positive, intentional relationships in the region.
  • Support campus activities that promote inclusive excellence and cultural responsiveness.

For more details, please view the CIELO Goals and Action Plan Working Draft.

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