Senior Vice President

Enrollment Management and Program Development

photo of Dr. Michael Mumper

As Senior V.P., Dr. Michael Mumper is responsible for ensuring that the campus has appropriate enrollment at all levels. This includes enrolling the desired number of entering first-year students, transfer students, concurrent enrollment students, Hispanic students, graduate students, distance students, and total enrollment.

In order to accomplish this, the Senior V.P. manages the recruitment and admission of new students, the retention of existing students, and the development of the new programs necessary to serve the needs of students and meet campus enrollment targets.

The Senior V.P. is responsible for improving the campus’ graduation rates and other measures of student success. As a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), the Senior V.P. is also responsible for ensure that ASU is successfully serving the needs of its Hispanic students.

The Senior V.P. oversees the campus’ communication efforts including market research, advertising, social networking initiatives, and the campus website and wed design.

The Senior V.P. also coordinates the campus’ efforts to secure external funding through grants and contracts – especially funding for institutional capacity building, retention initiatives, and new program development.