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CE Credits Online has been a nationwide provider of university-accredited, high-quality, standards-based, online professional development courses that focus on improving teaching and student achievement, since 2002. Our curricula is content-rich and abundant with research-based strategies to improve classroom and school environments, to move educators to intentional best practice, and to improve student achievement. Valuable for new and experienced teachers, teams, leads, mentors and administrators (K-12), CE Credits Online courses are available for continuing education credit and post-baccalaureate academic credit.

To learn more about CE Credits Online and to register for a course please visit: http://www.cecreditsonline.org/district-catalog/2908/adams-state-university

Which CE Credits Online courses are available for academic credit?

How do I get ASU graduate credit?
  1. You must first have registered, paid for and completed a CE Credits Online course.
  2. Once you have completed the course you may register and pay for the graduate credit through ASU.
  3. ASU will then obtain and post an official grade from your instructor at CE Credits Online for your CE Credits Online course.
Once your record is finalized, ASU will mail a FREE Official Transcript as evidence that this process/record is complete. Transcripts are mailed 24-48 hours upon recording a final grade. Additional copies may be ordered online by going to: www.getmytranscript.comCE Credits Online Contact INFORMATION:
Sandra Blazevich
Vice President
Office | 888-263-9980 Ext. 107

Renee Martinez, Professional Development Department, pd@adams.edu, 800-548-6679