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Market Traders Institute offers asynchronous, online courses for undergraduate level in partnership with Adams State University. These Forex College Courses are designed to be practical and relevant, while also offering significant learning experiences that students can apply immediately. Start your course today!

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How do I get ASU graduate credit?

  1. You must first have registered and paid for your Forex College Course.

  2. Once you have registered for your Forex College Course, you will be sent an ASU credit registration link. You are asked to fill this out in order to create an authentic student record. Payment for credit is included in your course registration fee. You will not be required to pay a separate fee. ASU will notify MTI that you have successfully completed registration and in turn, MTI will forward that portion of your course registration fee to ASU. 

  3. ASU will then obtain and post an official grade from your instructor at MTI for your Forex College Course. 

  4. Once your record is finalized, ASU will mail a FREE Official transcript as evidence that this process/record is complete. Transcripts are mailed 24-48 hours upon recording a final grade. Additional copies may be ordered online by going to: http://www.adams.edu/records/trans_req_online.php

Which Forex College Courses are available for academic credit?

BUS 179 The Psychology of Trading (Coming Spring 2015)

  • Credit Hours: 3

BUS 179 The Trading Styles and The Forex Market (Coming Spring 2015)

  • Credit Hours: 3

BUS 179 Trading The Forex Fundamental Announcements (Coming Fall 2015)

  • Credit Hours: 3

BUS 179 Theory to Practice in the Global Currency Markets

  • Credit Hours: 3

This course prepares students to effectively analyze, assess, and trade foreign currency in the FOREX spot market. Topics presented during the course include: models of success and historical evidence on buying and selling patterns, how to understand volatility of return on the foreign currency exchange, the price behavior of currency, and technical tools for analysis including Japanese Candlesticks and Fibonacci numbers. Sound equity management will be reinforced throughout the course. Students will learn how to determine market movements through the correct use of various interpretive and analytical exercises including the interpretation of support and resistance levels, currency trend analysis on short and long term time frames, and the use of various technical indicators such as Fibonacci numbers. Students will also explore and use the various trading platforms in use on the spot market today and will complete a project in which they will maintain and trade a practice account over the length of this course and track their performance, trading behaviors, and motivating factors behind their trading actions. Based on multiple technical and fundamental trading strategies, students will develop a quality, personalized trading methodology that is rooted in the practicalities of our times.


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