Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Legal Studies Emphasis

All requirements for the distance degree program are the same as those for the same degree on the campus. Distance degree program students are subject to all ASU policies, deadlines and graduation requirements, except where noted.
  • You will be required to complete 30 Adams State University semester credits which may be met by completing ASU Independent study or online courses approved and listed on the website or other publications.
  • Course credits earned through the distance degree program are entered on the student record without distinction between on-campus and off campus courses.
  • ASU credits earned in off-campus course are considered to be the same as those earned in on-campus courses for the purpose of meeting residency or other requirements in degree programs of the institution.

Writing Proficiency

All students must submit a writing portfolio to the Department Chair by the end of the seventh week of the next-to-last semester prior to graduation.

Degree Program Total Credit Requirements

Note:  Degree must include 42 upper-division (300/400 level) semester-hour credits.

Business Administration majors must complete the following 42 hours of core courses:

BUS 103: Introduction to Business - 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 120: Business Computer Applications I - 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 207: Principles of Accounting I - 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 208: Principles of Accounting II - 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 211: Business Law - 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 265: Business Communications- 3 cr.hrs.
BUS 304: Principles of Marketing - 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 318: Business Statistics - 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 361: Principles of Management - 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 363: Managerial Finance - 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 430: Productions & Operations Management - 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 480: Global Business Strategies - 3 cr. hrs.
ECON 255: Principles of Economics I - 3 cr. hrs.
ECON 256: Principles of Economics II - 3 cr. hrs.

Legal Studies Emphasis
(30 credits total)/May be met by completing:

BUS 359: Paralegal I- 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 359: Paralegal II- 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 466: Business Ethics – 3 cr. hrs
GOVT 430: Constitutional Law II- 3 cr. hrs.
SOC 379: Criminal Law- 3 cr. hrs.

Plus three of the following classes (9 credit hours):
BUS 355: Income Tax- 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 362: Human Resource Management- 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 379: Estate Planning- 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 379: Water Law- 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 479: Alternative Dispute Resolution- 3 cr. hrs.
BUS 479: Fraud Examination- 3 cr. hrs

Plus not more than two of the following (6 credit hours):
GOVT 379: Family Law- 3 cr. hrs.
GOVT 429: Constitutional Law I- 3 cr. hrs.
GOVT 479: Advanced Legal Research- 3 cr. hrs.
SOC 346: Criminal Justice- 3 cr. hrs.
SOC 379: Victim Advocacy- 3 cr. hrs.


Electives may be approved transfer credits or courses taken from ASU. Note: Electives are credits that are required but not used elsewhere in the degree program.

Total credit hours required for graduation: 120 semester hours

Note: Degree must include 42 upper-division (300/400 level) semester-hour credits. To receive credit, all course grades must be passing (C or better). A minimum of 30 credits must be ASU credits for the BA or BS degree.Contact Us