ASC spring commencement had many SLV graduates


ASC Spring '06 Commencement Graduates

ASC Spring '06 Commencement Graduates

The following students from the San Luis Valley received high honors during the spring 2006 commencement at Adams State College. Suma Cum Laude (3.9-4.0): Terri Baker, Alamosa, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/literature; Steven Huffaker, La Jara, BA-Spanish/secondary education; Magna Cum Laude (3.75-3.89): Zuzana Howard, Alamosa, BS-Business Administration/ management and general business; Shelly Johnson, Alamosa, BA-Speech, Communications, and Theatre Arts; Lee Ann Lopez, Alamosa, BA-Business Administration/advertising; Cum Laude (3.5-3.749): Alexandra Cruickshank, Alamosa, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/art; Shannon Duran, Alamosa, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/literature; Lonnie Gillespie, Monte Vista, BS-Business Administration/marketing; April Gonzales, Alamosa, BA-Sociology/criminology and History/Government: government; Enrique Guerrero, Alamosa, BA-EPLS/K-12 Teacher Education and Spanish/liberal arts; Renae Haslett, Alamosa, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/literature; Stephanie Klecker, Monte Vista, BA-EPLS/Sport and Exercise Management and BS-Business Administration/management; Jacqueline Loch, Alamosa, BA-EPLS/Sport and Exercise Management; Brent Logan, Monte Vista, BS-Business Administration/accounting; Sara Miller, Alamosa, BS-Business Administration/management; Devin Smith, Manassa, BA-Spanish/secondary education; Petronella Sneed, Alamosa, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/non-licensure; Julie Tonso, Center, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/Spanish; Gail Voris, Del Norte, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/science and Psychology. The following students from the San Luis Valley received an Associate's Degree during the spring 2006 commencement at Adams State College: Rhonda Colvin, Alamosa, Associate of Science; Roselyn Johnson, Alamosa, Associate of Arts; Geraldine Mora, Antonito, Associate of Arts; Kiley Mortensen, La Jara, Associate of Arts; Charles Palmer, Monte Vista, Associate of Science. The following students from the San Luis Valley received a Bachelor's degree during the spring 2006 commencement at Adams State College: Shelton Amerman, Center, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/science; Lee Archuleta, Alamosa, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/science; Larissa Ball, Alamosa, BA-Sociology/criminology; Brandi Barbosa, Monte Vista, BA-EPLS/K-12 Teacher Education; Scott Brownlow, Alamosa, BS-Chemical Physics; Robert Cannon, Alamosa, BS-Chemistry/biochemistry; Dale Carstensen, Alamosa, BA-Sociology/social welfare; Erin Castoe, Alamosa, BS-Business Administration/accounting; Annette Corral, Alamosa, BA-Sociology/criminology; Katherine Doherty, Alamosa, BA-English/liberal arts; Melissa Dunlop, Creede, BA-English/liberal arts; Jamie Duran, Antonito, BA-Business Administration/general business; Benjamin Duran, Antonito, BS-Business Administration/marketing; Kary Etter, Alamosa, BS-Business Administration; Victoria Flores, Alamosa, BA-Sociology/general sociology; Amber Garcia, Center, BA-EPLS/Sport and Exercise Management; Nicholaus Garcia, Manassa, BA-Speech, Communications and Theatre Arts; Kristoffer Giere, Alamosa, BA-English/creative writing; Robyn Henry, Monte Vista, BS-Business Administration/management; Dwaine Jennings, Moffat, BA-Sociology/social welfare; Heather Johnson, Alamosa, BA-Psychology; Jeffrey Karr, Monte Vista, BA-Psychology; Joshua Keeling, Del Norte, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/literature; Ashley King, Manassa, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/literature; Brent Kinson, Mosca, BS-Chemistry; Cedric Lindsay, Alamosa, BA-Music/liberal Arts; Stephen Malouff, Alamosa, BS-Business Administration/advertising; Aaron Marold, Saguache, BA-History/Government: history; Adam Martinez, Alamosa, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/EPLS; Jennifer Martinez, Ft. Garland, BA-Psychology; Michelle Mascarenas, Alamosa, BS-Biology/cellular and molecular; Paul Mascarenas, Monte Vista, BA-History/Government: government; Edwin Mondragon, Alamosa, BA-EPLS/K-12 Teacher Education; Ana Pacheco, Ft. Garland, BA-Sociology/criminology; Tyler Surat Penrod, Manassa, BS-Business Administration/accounting; Joshua Phifer, Alamosa, BS-Biology/cellular and molecular; Raymond Porrello, Alamosa, BS-Business Administration/marketing; Jamie Rapp, Alamosa, BA-Art Education K-12 and Art/drawing; Danelle Riggenbach, Monte Vista, BA-Business Administration/general business; Justin Romero, Alamosa, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/math; Kristen Runyan, Alamosa, BA-EPLS/Sport and Exercise Management and BS-Business Administration/marketing; Abigail Sandoval, Antonito, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/literature; Nicolas Sarmiento, Blanca, BA-History/Government: history; Melissa Schneider, Alamosa, BS-Business Administration/management and marketing; Andrew Shelton, Alamosa, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/literature; Shaun Sierra, Monte Vista, BA-Psychology; Michael Sisneros, Antonito, BA-English/communications; Michael Strawn, Creede, BS-Geology; Virginia Thomas, Blanca, BS-Business Administration/accounting and management; Seth Vance, Sanford, BA-History/Government: history; Kristle Vandiver, Alamosa, BS-Business Administration/management; Matthew Vigil, Alamosa, BS-Business Administration/accounting; Carly Wahrenburg, Creede, BA-Interdisciplinary Studies/literature, Rose Warnick, Monte Vista, BA-History/Government: history; Christopher Welch, Alamosa, BS-Business Administration/general business; Andrea White, Monte Vista, BS-Business Administration/accounting and finance; Maggie Whiteman, Monte Vista, BA-EPLS/Sport and Exercise Management; Jennifer Wolfe, Monte Vista, BA-Sociology/criminology.

The following students from the San Luis Valley received a Master's degree during the spring 2006 commencement at Adams State College: Cynthia Baird, Monte Vista, MA-Education/education leadership; Pearl Brewer, Saguache, MA-Counseling/community counseling; Travis Corning, Alamosa, MA-Counseling/community counseling; Robbie Curto, Alamosa, MA-Counseling/school counseling; Peggy Eakin, Antonito, MA-Counseling/community counseling; Tandi Gulliford, Monte Vista, MA-Education/curriculum; Tandy Jo McArdle, Del Norte, MA-Education; Victoria Romero, La Jara, MA-Counseling/community counseling; Liz Tabeling, Alamosa, MA-Counseling/school counseling; Lillian Trumble, Del Norte, MA-Education.

By Linda Relyea