Zacheis Planetarium and ASU Observatory


Zacheis Planetarium

Partial Solar Eclipse Oct. 23

Lunar eclipses and Solar eclipses usually occur about two weeks apart:  a lunar eclipse will occur when the Moon is on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun and thus is full, and then a solar eclipse will occur … Continue reading

Total Lunar Eclipse on Oct. 8

In the predawn hours of Oct. 8, Coloradoans will be able to see one of the universes beautiful spectacles: a total lunar eclipse.  Read about it on the Sky Watch page.


Adams State University Observatory

Autoguiding is now working

We now have the equipment for off-axis guiding, and last night I was able to make the first longer exposures made possible by guiding.  There is still no stacking or bias/flat frame processing, so it will continue to get better.  … Continue reading

Partial Solar Eclipse

On Oct. 23 there will be a partial solar eclipse visible from the western United States.  We’ll have safe eclipse viewing glasses and telescopes set up outside the planetarium. See the planetarium blog for details!