Adams State Police Department

When in doubt - Call us out!

Emergency Contact:


24 hour dispatch: 719-589-5807 (State Patrol)

Office Phone: 719-587-7901

ASUPD is located at:

Adams State Police Department is the primary law enforcement provider for Adams State. Office hours are 8:00AM-5:00PM - Spring and Fall and 7:30AM-4:30PM - Summer.

Contact the department for any assistance, including:

  • For any emergency - fire, medical, crime in progress
  • To report a dangerous or unsafe situation on campus
  • To report a crime
  • To report lost or found property
  • To purchase a parking decal (available at One Stop)
  • To register your bicycle (No charge)
  • To gain access to a secured building (Pass by authorized faculty member required)
  • To find crime prevention material or guest speaker
  • To participate in the department's Operation ID program

Adams State PD invites you to register your bicycle or valuables through our Crime Prevention Program. Stop by our office, hours are 8 am - 5pm, or call -7901 to make an appointment.

The mission of Adams State Police Department is, in stewardship of the authority with which we are entrusted, in partnership with the community we serve, to maintain a safe and orderly environment for learning and working.