Custom Trips and Outfitting

Call us and we will develop a custom program for you based on your interest! Price varies based on number of participants and technical expertise required.

We will work with you to find out what your needs are and develop the right program to make that happen. These programs are available throughout the year by demand!

We can eliminate a lot of the planning hassles through our custom adventures program. Whether your trip is overnight or two weeks, we can provide a cost effective experience that meets your needs.

Mountain Register

Adventure Programs will take care of:

  • Providing high quality outdoor equipment including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks & group gear
  • Providing delicious & nutritious meals
  • Securing permits & campsites at ideal locations during the trip
  • Providing highly qualified leaders/instructors who have significant medical and outdoor leadership training
  • Transportation to/from the location in Adams State vans
  • Instructional programming geared toward your group

Ice Climbing Snowshoe

Outdoor Leadership & Skills Training for a variety of Outdoor Groups/Programs:

  • Training summer camp staff
  • Providing leadership training for seasonal outdoor educators
  • Technical & logistical support for academic faculty & programs
  • Boating safety & education
  • Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops
  • Wilderness Education Association training

For more info, give us a call!