Adventure Program Rental Shop Policies

General Policies

  • Every effort is made to provide safe & well-maintained equipment. Adventure Programs will provide functional gear in good repair but it is ultimately up to you where your knowledge and skill level stands with regard to its use.
  • By renting equipment from Adventure Programs and signing the rental agreement you have a personal responsibility to know how to properly & safely use the equipment. Adventure Programs cannot be responsible for your knowledge of the equipment or how you will use it when you leave. If you have questions, please ask them before you leave.

Reservation / Checkout

  • Equipment will only be rented out during normal business hours or by appointment.
  • We are able to take check, cash, or credit card payments. All transactions originate at Adventure Programs with payment occurring at the One stop in the Student Union Building.
  • Deposits are required for certain items that require extra care or are particularly high maintenance. The return of your deposit is at the sole discretion of Outdoor Endeavors at the time the equipment is returned. If equipment is broken or damaged due to improper use or carelessness, the deposit will be withheld.
  • Dirty or wet gear is subject to a $35 charge. Deposits in the form of cash, check, or credit card are accepted.
  • Adventure Programs cannot issue a refund on the spot. Refunds are issued through the Adams State University Business office and require submission of a refund request form. Refund checks are sent by mail, which may take up to two weeks.