Adams State Counseling Center

The Counseling Services Staff would like to extend the warmest invitation to you to please come by, or call and make an appointment, to chat. We always try to have a staff person available for your counseling, career and disability services needs.

Healthy Body Image Survey: 

Want to be more aware of health and wellness in your life? Participate in a research initiative and take this online Healthy Body Image Program screen to receive personalized feedback! The survey is quick (less than five minutes) and smart phone compatible! 

Upon completion of the screen you will be provided with online/mobile programs and resources to help you integrate both healthy eating and activity into your life for an overall more positive body image and improved health and wellness.

Raising Awareness - Trapped:

The following video, “Trapped”, was developed by Blake Wagner III at the University of Michigan for the purpose of raising awareness to mental and emotional health issues for today’s college student.

this is a safe zone