Grizzly Learning Communities

Belonging to a Grizzly Learning Community is a great way for first-time students to meet other students as well as develop strong relationships with upper-class students and many faculty members.

Students who are in a Grizzly Learning Community take courses together each semester that fulfill some major requirements or some general education requirements to help ensure they are building a strong educational foundation. Grizzly Learning Communities are a year-long initiative that creates a strong community for first year students both in the classroom and in the residence halls.

Grizzly Learning Community students live together in a residence hall with the upperclassmen mentors who work with the students.

Each Grizzly Learning Community is based on an interest that the students share (i.e. adventure, art, business, theatre, etc.) and is led by students who have been at ASU for at least one year and can help students with any questions or concerns that arise in the first year of college.

2015-2016 Grizzly Learning Communities:

  • Art
  • Diversity/International
  • English - Culture and Identity
  • Human Performance and Physical Education (HPPE)
  • Money (Business)
  • Skiing, Snowboarding, Outdoor Adventure
  • Teacher Education
  • The World of Theatre

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