What is the ASU Second Year Experience?

In the second year of college, students face a variety of challenges which may be remarkably different than those faced in the first year. To assist each student in having a productive second year, Adams State University recommends that each student set the following goals for his/her second year

ASU Second Year Experience Goals:

1. Develop the ability to deal confidently with career or major choice.

2. Expand knowledge of relationship between choosing a major and choosing a career

3. Persist to the third year

4. Maintain a GPA which does not risk suspension

5. Access resources to create a positive peer group

6. Cultivate working knowledge of campus resources

7. Nurture at least one significant faculty connection

8. Participate in at least one campus event in a leadership role

9. Participate in at least one service learning project.

10. Complete the following requirements: Technology Proficiency Requirement and the Writing Proficiency Requirement.

For more information, contact the SES Department:

The SES Office is located in the 3rd Floor SUB Rm. E-325
Phone: (719)587-7858 or
Fax: (719)587-7366