Mentoring Program

Component Summary: Student Support Services serves disadvantaged students who are either disability, low-income, or first-generation college students. Research shows that having a significant role model facilitates the transition and success of in-coming freshmen. The purpose of the SSS Peer Mentoring component is to facilitate the transition to the college environment. The SSS Peer Mentoring component is linked with both Summer Scholars and the SSS section of the Academic Achievement Strategies course.

Junior and senior SSS students who want to participate in the mentoring component are required to participate in leadership training during the spring semester before serving as a mentor. Since Summer Scholars is a three week intensive component with a variety of academic and social events, it is an ideal environment for junior and senior students to form a meaningful bond with in-coming freshmen students and help them to transition into college.

In addition, the students are enrolled in a 3 credit AAA course. The course is divided with two credits being offered in the summer for the purpose of teaching the content of the class, and a one credit “lab” or application of the content being offered in the fall. Mentoring will be integrated during the fall application or implementation section of the AAA course.

Since some students have difficulty putting the content of the AAA course into practice when they begin their courses in the fall, we are hopeful that by providing more scaffolding during this critical time students will find the component a source of connection and encouragement as they make the transition to college during their first semester.

Goals and Objectives Goal: To facilitate the transition to the college environment for SSS Summer Scholar students by: 1) providing the support necessary for students to implement strategies they learned in the summer section of AAA and 2) providing a mentor for each student who will help the student find a campus and/or community connection.


• Plan activities that involve attending events on campus and/or community. Types of activities will be based on the interest of the protégés through an intake activity and collaboration between mentor and protégé.

• Mentor(s) will meet with protégé(s) within every other week between class meetings during the fall semester to participate in a planned activity.

• A “Program Participation Log” will be utilized to track the hours and type of activity carried out for each mentor activity.

• Mentor will review “Action Plan” and help protégé achieve program goals and personal goals.

• A “Mentorship Agreement” will be completed by mentor and protégé indicating the purpose and expectations of mentoring, and commitment to each other.

Mentor Qualifications and Duties:


• Minimum GPA of 3.0
• Active in the SSS program (preferred)
• Be recommended by SSS staff and one faculty member
• Have good time management and organizational skills
• Communicate effectively
• Show enthusiasm for ASU, its students, faculty, staff and co-curricular life.

• Mentor a small group of students.
• Serve as a positive role model and advocate in the personal development of protégés.
• Help protégés with personal concerns, and assist them in learning how to balance their social and academic responsibilities.
• Complete Program Participation Log and turn them in on the due dates assigned.