Campus Card

Photo ID cards are available on third floor of the Student Union Building. You must have a copy of your schedule.

Top Ten Reasons to Use the Campus Card

  1. The Campus Card eliminates the need to carry cash or write checks. The Campus Card is all you need.
  2. The Campus Card can be used at most locations on campus to make purchases. School payments, Bookstore, Food Court, Grizzly Den, retail stores, dining room and laundry machines.
  3. Several Convenient ways to make deposits. Deposits can be made in the Campus Card Office, the Housing Office, the Student Union Office, or in the Business Office in Richardson Hall. You may also make deposits using the automatic deposit machines located outside the Campus Card Office, in Coronado Hall, and the High Rise Addition.
  4. No minimum deposit required. We want you to use this free service to your advantage; you decide.
  5. No monthly service charge. This service is absolutely free. Use it as often or as little as needed.
  6. Students new to the campus pay a $25 ID fee. There is a $10 fee for all replacement cards.
  7. Dependent cards are available. Any dependent of a student, faculty, or staff member who pays AS&F Dues, may purchase a Campus Card for a fee of $10.00.
  8. Check writing fees and penalties for insufficient funds have been eliminated. This card is used as a debit card. The money is placed on the card first.
  9. Balances and statements are easily available. Keeping track of your account is easy; just ask.
  10. The Campus Card can assist you in budgeting. By depositing monthly increments, parents and students can work together to budget for spending money. Cash withdrawals are not permitted.
  • Call the ASU Police Dept. if your Campus Card is lost or stolen, you can notify the Campus Card Office in the Student Union, 587-7927, after hours call ASU PD, 589-5807. Your card will be deactivated immediately. A new card can be issued at the Campus Card Office.
  • The Campus Card Office is located on the third floor of the Student Union Building in Office 321. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Your questions can be answered by the helpful staff regarding balances, histories, and privileges.
  • Also . . .
    Purchases are tax exempt when you use the Campus Card in the Food Court.