Adding the Words with the Content Block Element

The “Content Block” element has replaced the old list, paragraph and sub-header elements:

TIPS for the Content Block:

  • When you first add a Content Block to your page, you won't be able to see the toolbar.  Close and open the content block by clicking on the green down arrow at the upper left of the element.  That should fix it.
  • If your Content Block is acting glitchy, first try to close and open it.  If that doesn't work, click "Save and Stay" at the bottom right of the Bricolage page.  That should help.

  • If you cut and paste content into the Content Block, click on these three tools to remove unwanted formatting:
  • Use both the <shift> and <enter> keys to make single spaces.  Use just the <enter> key for double spaces.
  • Within the Content Block, you can add in-line links by clicking on the "Insert Web Link" icon in the tool bar.  When linking to an email, always use this syntax for your link address:
  • Try to avoid using content block links to link to stories and media made within Bricolage. Use a link list instead.

Don't remember why a link list is best for linking within Bricolage?

I know we already covered this next element when we were placing images aligned with text: