Link Lists

Link lists are the preferred way to link to Stories and PDFs made in Bricolage.

Link lists can also be used to link to sites made outside of Bricolage.

Links to Stories

First, lets quickly make a page/story to link to!

Now let's link to it using a link list:

Links to PDFs

Using a Link List element to link to a PDF made in Bricolage:

* Do PDFs have you down? Review this section:

Other helpful info on Link Lists

If you don't want to use a content block to link to a site made outside of Bricolage:

What about Links in your Right Navigation?

Do you want to create a black box for links at the top of your right nav?

featured links are in the black box

Use a Featured Link. If you want two columns, just add another Featured Link element.

Email Links are Next!