Intro to Creating Links in Bricolage

You can create Links using two different elements in Bricolage -

a Link List and a Content Block

We prefer you build your links in Link Lists:

  • Content Block links are great for linking to sites made outside of Bricolage.
  • Content Block links are not so good for linking to pages and media elements made within Bricolage.
  • If possible, try to avoid making links within a content block that go to pages and media elements made within Bricolage. Use a link list for those. Why?
  • Content Block links (like all other hard-coded links) will break if the address for the link changes. 
  • Using a link list to link to stories and media made within Bricolage utilizes the power of the content management system. You "relate to" those stories and media elements when you link to them through a link list, and Bricolage will remember that relationship even if the addresses for those stories and media change. 
  • Thanks to Bricolage and the power of link lists, if those addresses change, you won't have to update the links, you'll only need to republish the page that links to them.

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