Creating, Naming & Uploading PDFs

ALWAYS use Firefox to upload your PDFs.  Do NOT Use Internet Explore.

Note: In the screen-casts on this site, I am using the ABOUT workflow. This is just an example. You will be using the workflow (workflows) that pertain to your particular site (sites).  For instance, if you are working on the English site, your workflow would be ENGLISH.

Watch These Screen-casts:

Note: In the above "Uploading" screen-cast, I added keywords to the PDF in order to help Google search for it. Keywords have since lost their importance in Search Engine Optimization. It's much more important to have a good description than to add keywords to either a story or a media element.

Naming PDFs

  • When naming your pdf files, as the "How to make a PDF" screen-cast indicated - NEVER use capital letters or blank spaces.
  • Make the file name as simple and generic as possible.  Do NOT include dates in the file name - it will make it more difficult to update and replace the pdf later.

For example, use this for a file name:


Do NOT use:


Why is it important to always name your pdf files as generically as possible and to avoid using dates within the file name?

Because PDFs are often replaced year after year.  When you have to replace this PDF next year,  if you don't have to change the file name (because there's no date in it) all links to the PDF will be the same and they won't need to be updated. 

This will save you a lot of work!

 If, for some reason, you simply must change the name of your PDF, it's not the end of the world.  You will, however, have to republish every Bricolage page that links to this PDF.

Also, if you need to keep that older PDF on the site for archival reasons,  simply create a new media element for the OLD PDF. This way the current links will ALWAYS point to the most recent version of the document.

Replacing PDFs