NetTutor Information

A more convenient way to receive tutoring is now available to Adams State University students through NetTutor. NetTutor provides living tutoring in more than 30 subjects and is available 24 hours a day to students. This is a free, one-on-one service through the University Blackboard system.

All tutors hold bachelor’s degrees, with many holding graduate degrees in their fields of expertise. Tutoring services include the following subjects:

  • Science
  • Math
  • English, Reading and Writing
  • World Languages and Social Sciences
  • Humanities and Communications
  • Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Business
  • Allied Heath and Nursing
  • Computer Science and Information Technology

To learn how to use NetTutor, please view the training videos below. To access NetTutor, login to your Blackboard Account. The NetTutor link is on the bottom of the left nav.

NetTutor Module: Details the different ways to receive tutoring including Ask a NetTutor, Q&A Center and the Paper Center

NetTutor Live Tutoring: This video demonstrates how a live tutoring session is conducted on NetTutor

Using the Tools on NetTutor’s Whiteboard: This video shows how a student goes about typing, drawing, composing math equations and uploading images during a tutoring session

How to Ask NetTutor a Question and Using the NetTutor Paper Center: This video shows how to submit a question to a live tutor while using NetTutor, how to submit a paper to the NetTutor Paper Center, retrieve it once the paper has been reviewed and even upload it to the NetTutor whiteboard during a live session if you have any questions about the paper review:

How to Save Your Session as a PDF: A video for students using NetTutor which walks them through saving a past sessions as a PDF to review, print and share. A PDF guide for saving your session can be found here: