12 Hours of Art

ASU art majors look forward to the annual "12 Hours of Art" event held each academic year. Professor Eugene Schilling originated the concept to further build community between students and faculty. Naturally the event has evolved into a night which not only creates new friendships, but results in a whole lot of fun, laughter, eating, and of course, new works of art. Participants bring potluck dishes to share through the night. The Art Department provides the mentoring, lots of coffee, and a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning. Students always enjoy the 12-hour challenge. Not everyone has the stamina to see it through, thus giving students, and faculty, bragging rights over those who don't make it to the end. Look for 12 Hours of Art to be scheduled soon! The fun begins at 6:00 pm on a Friday evening and concludes at 6:00 am the following Saturday.

Below is a slideshow showing students and faculty from previous events.