Art - Minor

Art Minor

Why you should minor in art...

  • Employers are looking for creative thinkers – boost your creative thinking skills by taking a minor in art.
  • Exercise your full brain – if you spend most of your time thinking analytically (left brain), a switch to holistic, hands-on, right brain work can give you a break and then a boost when you switch back.
  • Take some ‘you time’ – give yourself the chance to express yourself and grow in a new way. It won’t be your “easy class” but it will be fun and rewarding!

You can finish this minor in just 6 classes.

You can choose your own direction: do you like photography? 5 of the classes can be in photo! Want to make your own ceramics or jewelry? Focus just on what you want! Want to try everything? That’s ok too!

Beginning Drawing, which is the only required class, will build your observation skills and abilities in concentration and expression. (You can take the drawing class at any point during the minor)

The rest is up to you – you can progress though one or two mediums, or try all of them. Mediums available are: Drawing, Painting, Jewelry, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Printmaking.

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