Art Graduate Learning Outcomes

Goal #1: To provide students with the opportunity to develop their art making to a highly professional level within an academic environment

Outcomes: 1.1. Students will meet the conceptual, visual, and technical challenges encountered in working with their chosen media

  • Measure 1.1.1 – Graduate Review
  •  Measure 1.1.2 – Thesis 1.2. Students will produce and exhibit a body of work that is conceptually and technically cohesive
  • Measure 1.2.1 – Thesis 1.3. Students will mount a thesis exhibition of work in their major concentration
  • Measure 1.3.1 - Thesis 1.4. Students will produce a written thesis that identifies the technical and conceptual framework, and any influences that inform the body of work
  • Measure 1.4.1 - Thesis

Goal #2: To enable students to develop their ability to research topics and concepts within a visual arts context

Outcomes: 2.1 Students will determine and apply the research methods that are appropriate to the topic being researched

Measure 2.1.1 - AR503 Research Methods Class Rubric

Measure 2.1.2 - AR503 Research Methods Annotated bibliographies 2.2 Students will apply research from a variety of sources to their art making

Measure 2.1.1 – AR 503 Research Methods Annotated Bibliographies

Measure 2.1.2 - AR 502 Special Projects Rubric

Measure 2.1.3 – Graduate Review Statement & Annotated Bibliographies 2.3 Students will articulate both orally and in writing how their artwork reflects contemporary theoretical issues and art historical influences 

Measure 2.3.1 - Graduate Review 

Measure 2.3.2 - Thesis Orals 2.4 Students will write critically about the work of other artists

Measure 2.4.1 - AR 501 Theory & Criticism of Art 

Measure 2.4.2 – AR 503 Research Methods 

Measure 2.4.3 - Thesis

Goal #3: To give students the skills necessary for study at the MFA level

Outcomes: 3.1 Students will prepare a professional level portfolio

Measure 3.1.1 - Thesis 3.2 Students will write effectively about their artwork

Measure 3.2.1 - Thesis