Assistant Professor Leslie Macklin – ceramics and foundations.

I grew up in Southern Missouri and received my BFA in ceramics from Webster University in St. Louis. I completed my MFA at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in New Bedford, MA. My professional activities include lecturing in a panel at the International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth, Wales, exhibiting across the United States including juried shows in Houston, TX; Portland, Or; Tallahassee, FL; Boston, MA; Manhattan, New York; and internationally in Essex, England. When not in the studio or teaching you can find me in the kitchen, creating and testing experimental popcorn flavors or outside, playing ball with my dog Ruffles.

My artwork explores the connections between vernacular space and the human condition. I am inspired by objects that embody the collective history of a place, from local architectural structures to historically significant objects. Often found in various states of care, reuse, or neglect, these objects reflect the passage of time and reveal relationships between living space, history, memory, and the discarded. By manipulating of these familiar spaces, I invite viewers to reflect on their own surroundings, reflect on history and change, and encourage reflection on the complexity of human connection with others, objects, and experiences.

Uncertainty Series
Prospecting the Elusive (Ceramic and Graphite), 30” D - 2016
Prospecting the Rush (Ceramic and Gold Luster), 3” D - 2016

In the classroom, I challenge students to develop the depth of their interests through advancing their technical skills, analyzing historical and contemporary creative practices, by encouraging a variety of research methods towards conceptual growth, and encouraging an active involvement in a community engaged social practice. This diverse approach enables students to integrate various creative processes, and communicate their own unique perspective of the world, within their chosen medium.