printmaking class

Printmaking is taught at the beginning, intermediate, advanced and graduate levels.

The beginning printmaking classes are divided into two courses: a relief and intaglio printmaking course, and a lithography and monoprinting course. Both focus on exploring a wide range of methods of printmaking using black and white methods.

Intermediate students continue to investigate these printmaking processes using color methods.

Advanced and graduate students initiate their own projects and work towards developing a personal approach to printmaking. They are expected to use techniques appropriate for the concepts and subjects they choose to focus on. Emphasis is on developing students’ ability to express themselves and communicate concepts effectively.

The printmaking area is equipped with a Brand etching press, Griffin lithography press, a variety of lithography stones, and a well-vented acid room. There is ample workspace and storage space for student supplies. A large collection of prints in all print media is available for students to examine.