The Art Department offers five levels of Sculpture for both art and non-art majors.

Beginning level classes address additive, subtractive, and one-piece mold techniques. Advanced level students learn multi-piece mold making and casting techniques which include slip casting, sand casting, and ceramic-shell formulation.

Facility Size:

Over 2200 square feet, with additional covered outdoor casting pit. Area has excellent light, ventilation and high ceilings.


Speedymelt furnace, welding area equipped with oxy-acetyline torch, tig/arc and mig welders, stationary grinder, large free-standing drill press, ceramic shell mixer, pneumatic hookups, table mounted belt-sander, belt/disc sander, standing bandsaw, radial arm saw, joiner, electric power tools (circular saws, palm and random orbit sanders, router, 4 1/2" grinder, drills, saber saws,) pneumatic tools (carving air hammer, stone carving air gun, die grinder,) hand tools.