Sculpture is contemporary art's meta-medium, where artists explore innovative content in the areas of object-making, installation, performance, site-work, time-based art, and digital forms. Sculpture majors will develop the conceptual content of their work concurrently with practical, hands-on knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques, enabling them to produce work relevant to their personal vision and to our complex, ever-changing global culture. Adams State’s innovative curriculum combines theory and practice and emphasizes the development of technical mastery, conceptual sophistication, and an understanding of newer and emerging genres that allows students to explore contemporary issues and technologies and create a practice that recognizes the past while envisioning the future.

With over 2500 sq. ft. of space, the expansive and well-equipped studios include areas for work in wood, metal, stone, mold making, and a metal foundry. There is excellent light, ventilation and high ceilings. Rapid prototyping equipment with current software is also available in the form of a large format CNC plasma cutter and a 3D printer.