Biology Degree Maps

Biology is a science that examines the origin, diversity, structure, and internal processes of living organisms. Because of the breadth of this science, biologists tend to specialize in areas of specific interest or at a particular level of biological organization. This diversity is reflected in the training of the faculty and the course offerings in the Department of Biology, and provides students with a variety of study and career choices in biology.

The Biology curriculum at Adams State is focused on the progressive development of students both as biologists and, more generally, as scholars. During the first two years, the curriculum is highly structured beginning with the establishment of a general foundation in biology and chemistry in the first year and continuing with more rigorous and sophisticated coverage in the Intermediate Block courses taken during the second year.

Since skill in effective written communication is essential to functioning effectively as biologists, development of student writing skills is a carefully designed and fully integrated component of the curriculum in all Biology degree tracks:

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

B.A. Biology - Liberal Arts

B.A. Biology - Secondary Education

Bachelor of Science in Biology

B.S. Biology - Cellular Molecular

B.S. Biology - Organismal

B.S. Biology - Wildlife Management