I just completed my online application. Now what?

Your application will be processed by the Graduate School who will then forward this information to the School of Business. When we receive your information at the School of Business, you will get a letter in the mail indicating your acceptance status and reminding you of any remaining items needed for your completed application. This may take up to several weeks.

As your first semester nears, you will be sent information instructing you about online registration for classes, lists of required textbooks, etc. We will sign you up for all of your MBA classes.

You will receive an email asking for your permission to sign you up for your next class(es), once we receive your approval you will be registered for the class(es).

When is the deadline date for admissions?

Adams State University has open enrollment, however, the cohorts fill up quickly and you may be placed on a waiting list for the following cohort.

Is there a form required with the letters of recommendation?

No, there is no standard form needed.

When does the next cohort start?

We are currently start a new cohort every semester (Fall, Summer, and Spring), however, the cohorts fill up quickly and you may be placed on a waiting list for the following cohort.

How many credits are needed to complete the program and how long does it take to complete?

36 credit hours; 6 semesters; 2 years.

Are all courses online?

Yes all courses are online. ASU MBA offers a 100% online MBA program.

How do I access my classes?

Once you have been accepted into the cohort, you will be issued your ID number and a token number from the Graduate School.

A token ID is a temporary code used to set up your password. Using your user name and this password, you will access your classes through Blackboard here:

Do you require the GRE for admission?

You must take either the GRE or GMAT prior to your first semester. The required minimum scores are:
GMAT: 570
GRE: 153 on Verbal and 151 on Qualitative
Lower scores will be considered but student would have to apply for an exemption.

Do you accept a transfer of credits?

No transfer credits from other M.B.A. programs will be accepted.

Can I take an M.B.A. course if I am not enrolled as a cohort?

If there is space available, students not enrolled in the M.B.A. program may take course/s of interest upon permission of instructor and director of the MBA program, along with meeting pre-requisites.