MBA Student Outcomes

An Adams State University MBA Graduate will be able to:

  1. Identify and diagnose organizational opportunities and threats globally and locally using the disciplines of management practices, accounting, financial management, operations, marketing, and strategy.
  2. Accurately assess and analyze the performance of an organization across a wide range of criteria including organizational budgeting, marketing effectiveness finance, operations, and ethics.
  3. Apply quantitative and qualitative methods to identify and solve practical problems within various disciplines.
  4. Design and formulate plans for the implementation of strategies including resource acquisition and allocation across a wide range of organizational domains and levels.
  5. Demonstrate professional skills, including presentation of analysis, justification of recommended actions, and activities intended to impact the behavior of others.
  6. Negotiate and collaborate with others in situations with differing interests and objectives.
  7. Assess and act upon the ethical, social, and policy implications of situations, proposals and actions.
  8. Contribute to your professional area by sharing knowledge and skills with clients, peers, and other professionals through effective oral and written communication at a professional level.
  9. Acquire the knowledge and skills appropriate for professional success in your discipline.