Survey Research Center Services


Sample design and size are critical to a project's success, yet one of a researcher's biggest challenges. We provide an array of sample selection options which are determined after preliminary discussions with the client about study needs.

Survey Design

Instrument design is critical to a successful survey. We have extensive design experience for various types of data collection activities. These include survey instruments, focus groups, cover letters, follow-up letters, postcards, etc. We perform cognitive interviewing, pretesting, and piloting in an effort to eliminate potential problems with questionnaire design, wording, awkward or confusing terminology, confusing response categories, and/or sequencing before the study goes live to ensure a quality product. Whether you need to develop a new instrument or refine an existing one, we can help.

Data Collection

We have experience in several data collection methods. These include telephone interviews, self-administered and mail surveys, face-to face interviews, focus groups, web-based surveys as well as multi-model methods.

Data Entry

A variety of data entry procedures are used, depending on the nature of your project. SPSS Data Builder, Excel, SPSS and web-based methods are some of the methods used to enter and check data sets for accuracy. All data are checked for accuracy.

Survey Data Management

Data management is critical to a successful project, and can oftentimes be overlooked. We are experts in database development, editing, coding, and survey data processing, critical pieces of data management. We provide these services in a variety of formats including SPSS, Excel, Access, and other software packages.

Data Analysis

We offer statistical analysis ranging from simple descriptive statistics to complex statistical modeling, any of which will be provided in a final report to the client. We work closely with the client to provide the exact level of analysis and reporting required.