Help us build a great Common Reading Program!

A successful Common Reading program requires broad participation across campus. Here's how you can contribute:

Suggest a Book

Have a great idea for the next common read book? Let us know! Your suggestions form the list from which the CRE Committee selects the next book.

Help Us Build a Common Reader

The CRE Committee would like to create a Common Reader to accompany the book, and requests your suggestions for related reading selections that will enhance student consideration of the subject matter from a broad variety of positions, perspectives, and disciplines. Selections can include poetry, book chapters, articles, and short stories across multiple disciplines. These reading selections can be used inside and outside the classroom to enhance discussion of the book.

Event Proposals

In the past, faculty and staff at Adams State have successfully hosted many Common Reading Experience events, including book discussions, lectures, field trips, special topics courses, art projects, and service learning initiatives. The committee welcomes all proposals for events and activities related to the selected common reading experience book. Proposals should include elements that reflect the themes and issues of the book. Events can be scheduled for either Fall or Spring.

Proposals should ideally be received by May 1 to be considered for the Fall semester, and by October 31 for the Spring semester. Please send them to the Committee Chair.