A.S. Internet Computing & Security

Adams State University offers an A.S. degree in Internet Computing and Security. The degree will train students to work as computer technicians in the highly employable areas of computer security, networking, and web programming.

The degree also features an industry internship so that students can gain valuable work experience before they graduate.

 This degree does not require any mathematics classes beyond the university's general education requirements so this degree may be an excellent choice for students who lack a strong background in mathematics. 

The A.S. degree has been designed so that students can continue their studies and  pursue a B.S. degree in in mathematics with a computer science emphasis without having to make up any course work.

To ensure timely graduation, students will need to meet regularly with an advisor as some required courses are offered on a rotating two-year basis.

Courses offered on a rotating basis:

  • CSCI 170: Computer Security
  • CSCI 215: Networking and Security
  • CSCI 216: Networking and Security Laboratory
  • CSCI 245: Web Programming and Security