B.S. Mathematical Sciences - Computer Science or Information Technology emphases

Students pursuing this degree will be prepared for graduate work in computer science or work in industry.

Computer Science Emphasis:

Information Technology Emphasis:

To ensure timely graduation, students will need to meet regularly with an advisor as some required courses are offered on a rotating two-year basis:

Courses offered on a rotating basis:

  • CSCI 215: Networking and Security
  • CSCI 216: Networking and Security Laboratory
  • CSCI 245: Web Programming and Security
  • CSCI 250: Human Computer Interaction
  • CSCI 301: Software Development and Professional Practice I
  • CSCI 302: Software Development and Professional Practice II
  • CSCI 308: Architecture and Operating Systems
  • CSCI 320: Advanced Internet
  • CSCI 325: Algorithm Design & Analysis
  • CSCI 330: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • CSCI 345: Net-centric Computing
  • CSCI 360: Database Management Systems
  • CSCI 410: Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  • CSCI 445: Distributed Computing