Jared Beeton Research Interests

Glacial and Periglacial Deposits

I am interested in using glacial and periglacial deposits to reconstruct patterns of climate change. Currently, I am part of a team of scientists doing this high-mountain research in the Never Summer Mountains of north-central Colorado.


Another focus of my research is geoarchaeology. I am doing research that examines how patterns of landscape evolution affect the preservation and visibility of the archaeological record in river systems on the Great Plains.


Also, I am part of a research project focusing on the geomorphology of two streams in the Front Range of Colorado and how they responded to and recovered from a 100-year flood.


Soils geomorphology is another focus of my research. I study the relationships of soils and landscapes and the uses of soils as indicators of landscape evolution, environmental change, and archaeological site-formation processes.

Regional Geography and Human-Environment Interactions

One of my biggest personal interests is regional geography and human-environment interactions around the world. We are planning summer trips for Earth Sciences students to study landscapes, environments and cultures of distant lands such as Iceland and the Northern Alps.

Recent student research projects in Geography include:

  • Geoarchaeology of the Rio Grande, San Luis Valley, Colorado
  • Pine Beetle infestation in Southern Colorado
  • Effects of mining contamination on soils of the Alamosa River, Colorado
  • Comparison of soils on different geomorphic features, San Luis Valley, Colorado